About Hedgehog Homeschool

I’m a homeschooling mama of two boys. We are in our sixth year of homeschooling. I have two adult stepchildren. Our household also includes lots of pets: 2 leopard geckos, 2 gerbils, 1 toad, 1 turtle, 1 Betta fish, 2 aquatic frogs, 2 finches, 3 rabbits, 4 chickens, and of course, 2 hedgehogs. 


One thought on “About Hedgehog Homeschool

  1. What happened , It’s like its mixed up… Actually you should have more gerbils than hedgehogs cause hedgehogs are solitary and gerbils are social! But it’s okay as long as they get attention… I haven’t been seeing any posts about the rat the hamster etc. I’m an animal lover and you seem to have a zoo in there! I actually want all the animals you have in there ! :))

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