Moving “write” along…

Even though we pretty much homeschool all year round, I always think of late April and May as nearing the “end” of the school year. We do some “schooly” activities over the summer, but when the weather is nice or we’re busy, the books get shoved aside in favor of fun in the sun.

I can’t help but think in terms of our school year having a beginning and an end, and I suppose that is no surprise as years of formal education have drilled the idea of the traditional school calendar into my head. At the end of every August, I still look forward to school supply sales and new school subjects to tackle. And at the end of every Spring I tend to analyze what we’ve accomplished for the year, set up goals for the next year, and look forward to moving at a more relaxed pace over the summer.

Since Tobin would be in Kindergarten this year, my goals for him this year were pretty basic. I wanted him to be reading whole books, doing basic math like adding and subtracting, and writing. We did throw in a bit of science and a wee bit of geography too, but I felt that there would be plenty of time for all of that stuff later on. The math and reading came pretty easily and fairly early on in the school year, but writing was a big struggle all year.

The last few months though, I have seen lots of visible improvement in Tobin’s writing skills. He can write his first name beautifully, he is able to write every letter of the alphabet with minimal help, and his numbers are actually starting to look like numbers. What has pleased me the most in his progress though is that he is finally able to draw for pleasure! When he was finally able to purposely draw something recognizable and get excited about it, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I figured that if he enjoys drawing things, he’ll do it more often and on his own. And if he practices drawing more often, his motor skills will improve and the rest of his writing skills will hopefully fall right into place.

Tobin begins drawing a picture of his family.

Tobin draws his mom, dad, himself, and his two brothers

Tobin was so proud of his picture of his family that he wanted his dad to tape it up in his bedroom. Unfortunately, before they had a chance to put the picture up, Steve did something to annoy Tobin, so he crossed Steve out of the picture…sigh. Maybe Steve will get to stay in the next drawing…


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