It’s still a zoo around here

It’s been a while since I’ve written about our various pets. We did lose one of our pets, our rat Basil, over the long winter but the rest of the furry and scaly critters are doing just fine. Recently, a few of them were kind enough to pose for photos for us…

Bean has been very happy now that the weather is warmer. It means he gets to go outside! He scares himself when he shuffles through any dried up old leaves he finds though. Bean hasn’t yet figured out what causes that strange rustling sound.

Bean looking around for bugs to eat

Muppet loves going outdoors too. She loves exploring and rooting around the yard, and always comes back inside in a fine mess.

Muppet enjoying a little sunshine

Achilles is one spoiled gerbil. He knows when Steve comes by he’ll have some kind of tasty treat to give him. Here he’s eating a carrot, but he particularly loves bits of broccoli.

Steve feeding his gerbil Achilles by hand

Salem is the rabbit that Steve got at the county fair last year. The rabbit will be one of the three 4-H projects that Steve plans to do this year. Bean will be heading to the fair again this year too. Hopefully Bean won’t be too jealous that he has to share Steve’s attention with Salem.

Spending some quality time with Salem


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