Board games on a rainy Saturday

On Saturday, we had hoped to journey to an apple farm to pick fresh apples, but the weather was not cooperative. Sure we could have picked apples in the pouring rain, but no one really wanted to. We’re planning to try again next Saturday. Hopefully, the weather will be better next weekend.

Since the weather yesterday was so depressingly blah, we decided that the day would be much better spent in the company of good friends. We invited over another homeschooling family and spent yesterday afternoon and early evening playing board games and chatting. The adults played a long game of Carcassonne before dinner, while the three boys played video games for awhile and then ran around the house shooting each other with Nerf darts after they got bored with the video games. The scores for our Carcassonne game ended up being quite close, and Ken didn’t win for a change. Someday I would like to buy or make more Carcassonne tiles for an even longer game, but I think I’ll need a bigger table first!

a typical Carcassonne game before we finish final scoring

a typical Carcassonne game before we finish final scoring

After a dinner of store-bought rotisserie chicken and a bunch of homemade side dishes, we introduced our friends to the board game Upwords which has always been one of my favorites; I fondly remember playing the game as a child. We purposely chose a shorter game after dinner since the boys were starting to get tired, and Tobin was getting a bit cranky. Upwords is similar to Scrabble, except that players are able to stack tiles in addition to just playing off other players’ words as you would in Scrabble. I think the game works better for younger players than Scrabble does since shorter, simpler words provide better opportunities for stacking and scoring big points than longer, complicated words do. Also, all letters are treated equally regarding points, so you aren’t penalized too badly at the end of the game when you are stuck with an unplayable “Z” or “X.”

We played with teams since Upwords is generally a four player game, and we had six people playing, three adults and three kids. Tobin wanted only Nunya on his team, but since he and Nunya can only spell about six words between them that wasn’t really the best idea. Eventually, Tobin wandered off with Nunya and our second copy of Upwords , so that they could play by themselves. I am assuming that Tobin beat the pants off of Nunya, but you never know with those two. Stephen ended up winning the Upwords game that we finished sans Tobin and Nunya.

Although it wasn’t the day we had originally planned, it ended up being lots of fun anyway and probably as exhausting. It is a lot of hard mental work fending off Ken from winning every game we play.


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