Guest Blog Post: Steve writes about his turtle Raphael

This is Raphael; he is a Red-Eared Slider Turtle. He got his name from the red spots on the side of his head; they look like Raphael’s headband from the Ninja Turtles, thus the name, Raphael.

We got the turtle off of cheapcycle from a guy who had rescued him and then was selling him. At first Raphael was in a 10 gallon tank, but then we were able to get him a 30 gallon tank. He has grown a lot since he has been in his new tank.

He now has an algae eater named Tiger in his tank too. At first Raphael ate feeder goldfish, but when we started giving him turtle food, he stopped eating the fish, and now he only eats the turtle pellets.

At one point the pump in his cage stopped working, so we had to take the whole cage apart, clean it, and then put it back together. The pump needs to be fixed every week or so, but we haven’t had much of a problem with it since.


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