Tobin’s views on friendship

Tobin and Warren taking turns on a one-player game.

Tobin and Warren taking turns on a one-player game.

Tobin gets so excited when his friend Warren comes over. Recently, Tobin told me that he and Warren are best friends. I don’t think I’ve used the term “best friend” since I was in the fourth grade, so I’m not really sure where he learned the phrase. I questioned him a bit on what the idea of “best friends” meant to him because I’m always amused by the way Tobin views interpersonal relationships. This is the child who claims to not only be married but to have multiple wives at any given time. Apparently, in Tobin’s world, this is completely normal.

Anyway, I talked to Tobin a bit about his friendship with Warren, and I asked him whether he had any other best friends. He looked at me with disgust and carefully explained to me that you can only have ONE best friend. (For those folks keeping track at home, that is multiple spouses GOOD, multiple best friends BAD…)

I love how Tobin’s mind works. I don’t understand it, but at least it keeps me entertained, so I asked him if I could be his best friend too. He then told me that little kids can’t be friends with adults. Of course, Tobin probably has more adult friends than any five-year-old that I have ever known. I’m sure his quirky personality is much more likely to be amusing to adults than children.

By now, he was getting a little irritated with me because he had to explain things that he apparently felt should have been totally obvious to me. I figured I could get away with maybe one more question before he clammed up, so I asked him who MY best friend was. He told me that adults didn’t have friends! He even told me that his daddy and I couldn’t be friends.

I guess I must live a sad and lonely existence with only my strange little children to keep me company…


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