Fall is in the air

I just noticed last Friday while we were walking to the park that the leaves on some of the trees are starting to change to their fall colors. The early morning air is crisp. The evenings feel cooler. I haven’t yet needed a jacket when I leave work, but I know in just a few weeks I likely will. Every year when I reach that point where I realize that autumn has just about arrived, I can’t help but think that winter is also just around the corner.

Now that I have kids, thinking of the cold and snow soon approaching reminds me of all the things that I planned to do over the summer and didn’t get to. We didn’t make it to the beach this year. We still haven’t made it to the Columbus Zoo. I would have liked to have gone to one of the botanical gardens or the gardens at Stan Hywet with the kids, but it just didn’t happen. Our summer weekends were plenty busy, but not necessarily with the things I expected to keep us busy. I know that the inevitable flying snow will keep us mostly inside, so that particular thought makes me want to hurry up and plan a few outings to get our last nature “fix” in to tide us over until next spring.

I know that we don’t have too many weekends left, and that there are lots of other things that are going to come up, but I made a list of things I’d like to do in the coming weeks anyway. I like to make lists, even if I don’t manage to get all the way through any of them; I’m okay with that.

So here’s my list of stuff I think would be fun to do this fall if we had time, but we might not, so we’ll see what we can manage anyway:

1) Ramseyer Farms (This one we do every year as a family, so I am pretty confident we’ll make it.)

2) Toledo Zoo (I hear they have penguins and a hippoquarium.)

3) Apple picking (I’ve been wanting to try this one for a few years now, but we’ve never quite managed it.)

4) The Barkitecture exhibit at Stan Hywet (This exhibit goes through October 31st, so I think we have a decent chance of squeezing it in…maybe.)

5) A hike at Sand Run (I know they have a bunch of trails, and I don’t think we’ve hiked any of them.)

6) Columbus Zoo (We’ve never been there, but we like zoos, so we figure we should check it out at some point. They have penguins too. I like penguins.)

This coming weekend we don’t have any major plans yet, so I am hoping we can plan something fun from our list for this Saturday. If anyone has any ideas for cool things to do this fall, feel free to let me know. I’m sure there are lots of things I haven’t heard about.


One thought on “Fall is in the air

  1. We want to do Stan Hwyet, too. Maybe a Friday field trip? And Sand Run is right around the corner from me. I want to go to The Wilds, but it’ll have to be a spring thing. Their hours are pretty restricted now. :o)

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