Art: Painting with objects

Today Tobin was getting pretty antsy because he was waiting for his best friend to come over for a playdate. To keep Tobin occupied for a bit, I gave him various objects to paint with instead of paintbrushes. He had more fun with some objects than others, but he was willing to give them all a try. Enjoy the results!

Yes, it’s a pine cone. He didn’t like the pine cone too much because he was too afraid that the paint would get on his hands.

Next we tried a Matchbox car. He liked this one a lot, but the car squeaked a little because it had a bit of rust on a wheel, and the squeaking drove Steve nuts. Steve desperately looked around for something else Tobin could paint with so he could take the car away.

Steve suggested a plastic dinosaur next. It made cute dino tracks across the page. Tobin loved it.

We save toilet paper tubes to give to our pets, so we have tons of the darned things everywhere. Tobin got quite a bit of mileage out of this object because his hands were absolutely nowhere near the paint.

A fork! I was thinking we would get more of a lined effect with the fork tines, but Tobin poured so much paint on the paper that he really just used the fork to spread it around. He enjoyed doing it though and was very careful not to rip the paper with the fork.

I tried painting with the fork myself and got more of the look I expected. I was careful to only dip the tines into a tiny bit of paint.

We’re looking forward to trying this project again. I’m sure there are tons of other objects we can use that would be fun. I think cookie cutters would work well, a fly swatter, a LEGO, etc. A friend of mine even suggested a shoelace!


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