Monday, Monday…Can’t trust that day…

Today felt like a Monday. I woke up a few hours later than I intended to this morning and to the sound of pouring rain. Tobin spent most of the morning and early afternoon watching the movie The Iron Giant on an endless loop while swaddled in his favorite Star Wars blanket. (By the way, The Iron Giant is actually my all-time favorite animated movie.) I tried to engage Tobin in some reading this afternoon, but he would only mouth the words and wouldn’t actually say anything out loud. We had a busy weekend, and I think he was still kind of tired, so I didn’t push it. He did finally read a few sentences out of the new reading skills workbook I bought him over the weekend and giggled over the follow-up questions, so I think when I get the book out again tomorrow, he’ll be more receptive to it.

Steve started his schoolwork much later today than he usually does. He grumbled when I asked him to stop reading Watership Down and move on to his history assignment. He read his history assignment begrudgingly and mumbled some notes into his tape recorder that I’m fairly certain he’s not going to be able to understand later when he listens to them again. He did finally perk up toward the end of his history assignment, but then he kept stopping every five seconds to ask me questions about religion in general and about the Bible.

I prefer not to have deep religious discussions on pseudo-Mondays, especially when it’s dismal and rainy, and I haven’t had enough caffeine yet, but I soldiered on anyway. Eventually, I handed him our children’s Bible and told him to have at it. When his dad came home, Steve thought he was going to impress his not-particularly-religious father with his knowledge of Bible stories. Of course what our son didn’t know is that his dad knows more about the Old Testament from taking a class on the Bible as literature in college than I probably learned in twelve years of Catholic school. Poor Steve.

We ended up calling it a day early, shortly after I was awake enough to realize that today was actually Tuesday and not Monday. If today feels like Monday, does that mean tomorrow will feel like Tuesday or Wednesday? I’m personally hoping it will feel like Thursday which is like a Friday in my world since I don’t work on Fridays. No wonder I’m so confused all the time.


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