It’s “Drive Your Mom Insane” Day

Apparently today was “Drive Your Mom Insane” Day, but I must have failed to get the memo and was left woefully unprepared. By woefully unprepared, I mean lacking the chocolaty sustenance that might have made the day somewhat tolerable.

Tobin spent the first hour or so of the morning lying on the floor mostly complaining that he didn’t want to do anything or eat anything, even when no one was talking to him. He didn’t want to go back to bed; he didn’t want to cuddle with Dad or Mom; he didn’t want to play anything; he just wanted to lie there on the floor near Stephen whining. I tried to ignore him after the first ten minutes, so he of course resorted to intermittent growling noises. I suspected that perhaps eating breakfast would cure whatever his problem was, but it took me forever to get him to eat anything this morning.

Stephen was trying to do his schoolwork through all of this, but I am sure it’s hard not to find a growling five-year-old brother distracting, particularly when you are trying to take a history test. Even still, I had thought Steve would be adequately prepared for his chapter history test since history is one of his favorite subjects, and he had done pretty well on the section quizzes, but apparently enjoying the material and doing well on the quizzes is not indicative of being able to score well on the chapter tests. I briefly entertained the idea that he may have some kind of test-taking issue, but I know he never has these problems with other tests he takes in Latin, Spanish, etc.

When Steve and I went back over the answers to the history questions he missed, he tried to tell me that those topics weren’t covered in the book. I doubted the likelihood of that and thought instead that perhaps he was not taking the time to read the textbook material carefully enough. However, that didn’t make any sense once I noticed that he was able to correctly answer similar questions in the previous section quizzes. Obviously, he must have seen the information at some point. I then theorized that perhaps his problem was not with either taking the test itself or reading comprehension but with actually retaining the material for a period of time. That particular theory was shot down though when he started rambling on, in great detail, about all the stuff he knew from the chapter that was not covered in the chapter test.

Grrrr…apparently he only retains the stuff he finds interesting. That should go over so well in college…


4 thoughts on “It’s “Drive Your Mom Insane” Day

  1. I stopped doing the history tests that came with the curriculum last year because it drove me nuts. I was able to converse with them and know they got it, but the tests just never seemed to capture it.

  2. Yeah, I don’t particularly like the tests that came with the curriculum, but we have to do them if I want to submit them for high school credit for the high school he’s enrolled in.

  3. We are still homeschooling, but he’s enrolled in a high school in Maine, so he can have a regular diploma and transcripts still. The school is called the North Atlantic Regional High School. Their website is

    I plan on doing a blog post about it soon. Maybe this weekend.

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